Side by side Calendar View in Outlook Online

If you work with multiple calendars in Outlook 2013 or 2016, you will undoubtedly have used the option to view them side by side. This works fine in day, week and even month view. There is also the Overlay Mode if you want to merge it all into one virtual calendar, but the side by side view often works better to compare schedules.

When you use Outlook Online (so in Office 365), your options are more limited. When viewing multiple calendars, Outlook will use Overlay Mode by default.

So is there no side by side mode in Outlook Online? Yes, there is, but only in the Day view. You can access this side by side view as follows:

  • Enable multiple calendars by selecting them in the left pane
  • As soon as you click the ‘Day’ view link (or the ‘Today’ link – which is obviously also a Day view), another link called “↔ Split” will appear above the view links. Click this and you get a side by side calendar view for the selected day.

If you are already in the side by side view, the ” Split” link will change into a “→← Merge” link that takes you back to Overlay Mode.



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