Where did my Azure template go?

If you want to quickly set up a SharePoint 2013 developer VM, the quickest way is probably to do this in Azure using the appropriate Visual Studio Ultimate template. This is typically the template with Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 on Windows Server 2012 (at the time of writing it’s Update 4 of that template).

While doing this recently, I suddenly noticed that the relevant template seemed to be missing. I only had Visual Studio Community 2013 and a Visual Studio Ultimate 2015 Preview:


After quite some searching I finally discovered the problem. I have two subscriptions for Azure: a personal Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN subscription, and a company subscription.
In the Subscriptions filter in the top of the Azure portal window, I had unchecked my Visual Studio Ultimate subscription, leaving only the company subscription.


I had not realized that the company subscription didn’t have all of the same templates available. There are specific templates available for Visual Studio Ultimate subscriptions and even some only for MSDN subscriptions.
Sure enough, as soon as I also selected my Visual Studio Ultimate subscription in the Subscriptions filter, the missing templates reappeared:



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