Audit report on Records Management events

Let’s say you use Records Management in SharePoint 2010. If you’re using records then you are probably also sensitive about proper auditing, and you might want to see who did what in the area of (un)declaring records.

Unfortunately, even if you check auditing for all possible events on a Site Collection and then view the list of available Audit Reports (remember to enable the Reporting feature, otherwise you will not get the Audit Log Reports link), there is no standard report about just Record Management. Worse even, it appears that none of the standard reports include those Records Management events in any way.

So how do you get an audit report about these then? The answer is through the custom report option.
Start by selecting the option to Run a custom report.

custom report selection

Inside the option screen that appears now, you need to select the custom events way down at the bottom (why Records Management events are custom events in SharePoint 2010 is a mystery to me, this is out of the box functionality).


Run your report and save the resulting Excel, et voilà! Your Record Management events are listed in the Excel as an event of type Custom, but with Source Name “Records Management”.

RM events in the audit report


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